Grooming Services

Before each groom there will be a short consultation where I will get to know you and your dog and briefly assess their behaviour and coat condition.
We can then agree upon a style for your dog. I groom Small & Medium Dogs.

Maintenance Groom

This service includes:

 A full coat inspection

 Relaxing and cleansing wash

 Thorough rinse with warm water repeat wash & final conditioning

 Full body blow dry

A full brush out of minor knots and tangles / de shedding if required

Grooming / styling as required

Nails trimmed

Ears cleaned

Finish off with a refreshing spritz of cologne.

Bath, Brush & Fluff

Do you want your dog to look and smell gorgeous but are short on time? This is a quick and cost affective way to give your dog a stylish treatment without the time and expense of a full groom.

This service includes:

 A relaxing and cleansing wash

Light body blow dry

Brush through

Finish off with a refreshing spritz of cologne.