Puppy Grooming

It is important to introduce your puppy to grooming at an early age. The grooming process can help form a bond and also help your puppy become used to being handled and brushed.

I offer an introductory Puppy Grooming Service to help introduce puppies to grooming at around 12-14 weeks. This is to help make the whole process as stress free for you and your puppy as possible and introduce them to the sights and sounds of the grooming salon.

Then we shall arrange a follow up groom in a few weeks’ time where the clippers can be introduced and a full groom completed. Carrying out a puppy’s first groom this way helps to build trust between pup and groomer, leading to future grooming sessions being relaxed and stress free, just as they should be.

The introductory groom includes:puppy

A nice relaxing bath, and soothing hand dry

Followed by a slight trim to pads and feet

Minimal facial trim (mainly around eyes)

Bottom tidy

Nail trim

Finished with a refreshing spritz of cologne