Terms & Conditions

Prior to your grooming appointment
Where possible please try to ensure that your dog has had plenty of exercise and the opportunity to do a wee and a poo before they come for their groom.

Please inform me if:

Your dog has ever bitten or has aggressive tendencies.

Your dog has fleas, or has been showing signs of having fleas.

Your dog has any medical conditions or allergies.

Matted coat
Whilst your dog is in my care its health and comfort is my top priority and I will not do anything that will cause him/her to become stressed. Therefore, if your dogs coat is excessively matted, it may require a shave-down to repair it. I would not do this without contacting you first.

If fleas are found during a groom, I am obligated to perform a de-flea bathing treatment at an additional charge of £15 – this is to cover the cost of the flea shampoo and also of treating the salon to prevent flea infestation afterwards.

Change/cancel appointment 
I understand that customers sometimes need to change/cancel appointments, however I do ask that customers give a 24 hrs cancellation notice. This consideration is greatly appreciated and valuable to me as it allows time to book another customer in.